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Umbrella Dancing

  • Asian American Activities Center
  • Asian-American Film
  • Boston Chinatown
  • Celebrated Chinese Women.
  • Chicago Chinatown
  • China Guide Company
    A compilation of Chinese culture-related products available on the internet.
  • ChinaTowns.Net
  • Chinese and Chinese American Sites
  • Chinese Art and Folk Art
    "Traditional Chinese woodblock printing was first engraved or overlaid on wood and then printed on paper. The first wood engraving was made in 868 in the Chinese Tang Dynasty and it was named The Lonely Tree. According to researchers, most of the early Chinese woodblock prints were used as illustrations in books; the art reached a development peak in the Ming Dynasty. Since then woodblock printing has been used to make New Year painting. With the adoption of metal printing and some new printing technology, woodblock printing gradually declined."
  • Chinese Culture  
    Extensive!  One of the best on the net.  Maintained by: Jun (Jim) Shan, Ph.D..  Jun Shan is a native of China who came to the USA in 1989.  Jim is a medical research analyst and has been involved in Chinese culture all of his life.  This site introduces Chinese culture, including key people, philosophy, history, traditions, interesting places and buildings, news, stories, and general information.  It also has interviews and chats with experts."





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